Willam_TorsoWILLAM MARTIN is a freelance Web Content Writer, e-Marketing Communication Strategist, and Consultant who specializes in Technical Marketing Copywriting.  His writing is informed by his several decades of experience in sales and marketing.  He is Founder and Principal Writer at Austin, Texas-based Eureka TechComm.

His technical career began at General Electric Company in the Lighting Research Laboratory at Nela Park where he was responsible for documenting the results of various research experiments to help establish and defend patent rights.  His practical education in technical communications continued with assignments in quality control, manufacturing engineering, and process engineering at various GE manufacturing plants.  In a career move from technical functions to marketing, he became a Product Developer at GE, the technical liaison between the engineering and marketing functions in the photoflash group.

He has held positions in marketing management, technical product selection, and executive sales training in several professional service firms in the management consulting, financial services, real estate, construction, and banking industries.  Willam has worked both as an independent consultant, and as a principal with profit and loss responsibility for several firms in which he held ownership interest.

An alumnus of Case-Western Reserve University, Willam is a lifelong student and voracious reader.  Recent topics of independent study have included:

  • Innovative strategic planning adjustments that may be required at the individual firm level in response to the persistent slow-growth of the U.S. economy
  • The “New Normal” U.S. economy
  • Realignment of U.S. role in the global economy
  • The Great Recession, Its Causes and Aftereffects
  • Business Development Best Practices
  • Marketing Planning and Consultative Selling
  • Alternative and Renewable Energy
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Hydraulic Fracturing (“Fracking”) and the natural gas revolution