The No. 1 Thing You Should Expect from Your Outsource Partner

Strict Confidentiality!

Willam, the Principal Writer at Eureka TechComm, has worked in the capacity of an agent representing a principal for most of his career.  In that time he has developed a deep appreciation for the confidentiality and discretion businesses executives expect from outside agents and vendors.  Whether for reasons of competitive intelligence or just general principle, business executives want what happens in their offices to stay in their offices.

We’re often appalled when we visit competitive websites and see how other firms attempt to promote themselves at the expense of their clients by specifically talking about their clients and the types of assignments they are working on for them.  We would never do that!  We think it’s nobody’s business who are clients are and what we are working on for them.

When it comes to confidentiality, you can trust our discretion.  You have our handshake on it.




Whether you are building a disruptor or planning to stay small and enjoy the freedom that comes from life as a soloist, outsourcing and collaboration are essential.  Change velocity makes it nearly impossible to stay at the forefront of every trend, and selective consumption is driving demand for a vast array of services and expertise that most firms are not prepared to deliver.

Until you can make a strong business case for bringing new capabilities in-house, either through an acquisition or hire, it is best to focus on your agency’s core competencies and find great partners for the rest.”

-Paul Roetzer

The Marketing Agency Blueprint:  The Handbook for Building Hybrid PR, SEO, Content, Advertising, and Web Firms. 2012. Pg. 48.