About Eureka TechComm

“So pervasive is technology today that it is virtually meaningless to make distinctions between technology and non-technology businesses and industries:  there are only technology companies.”

-Regis McKenna, 1991

Eureka TechComm is a professional services firm based in Austin, Texas.  It provides freelance technical marketing copywriting, business writing, communication consulting, and presentation coaching services to its B2B  (business-to-business) and B2G (business-to-government) clients.  It serves executives, technology companies, professional service firms, banks, investors, and governmental agencies.

As a freelance contractor, an outsourcing partner, Eureka TechComm acts as a “force multiplier” by leveraging busy internal executive teams in these challenging economic times of downsizing and doing more with less.

Service products produced by Eureka TechComm result in effective and timely communication documents and strategies that sell products and services, seek approval, confirm understandings, promote goodwill, and serve to advance complex negotiations along step-by-step.

Eureka TechComm’s specialty is helping science and technology professionals present technical ideas to less-technical audiences with messages that result in “Aha ! I get it”- moments.  Learning how to bridge the natural communication and cultural divide that separates technology and business development functions helps technology professionals gain support for their initiatives, sell products, and win funding.