Does Business-savvy Content Add Value?

Some writers who practice the craft of content creation come from a background in journalism.  Others create content part-time to earn the necessary resources to support their real passion which is writing their version of the great American novel.  In contrast, Willam Martin, Principal Writer at Eureka TechComm comes from a background in business sales and marketing.  Any associate writers selected by Willam for particular assignments also come from that same background.  The writing team consists of business people who possess a certain business savvy. The lens through which the Eureka TechComm writers view the business world is a sales and marketing lens.  When researching for a particular article it is natural for them to frame the approach their writing will take in sales and marketing concepts, such as:

  • Core Competency
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Unique Value Proposition
  • Need-to-Solution Scenario
  • Positive Differentiation

If we were writing content about how a brand’s offering is a solution to a particular Customer need, for example, these marketing concepts would naturally inform, guide, and color the messaging featured in the article.  Undoubtedly, the brand would benefit from being showcased, “packaged” in such context.

We would ask our Prospects and Customers to consider the sales and marketing background of our writers to be a Competitive Advantage we offer; an advantage that could benefit them; and a good reason for choosing us over our competition.

“Content marketing is one element of an integrated marketing strategy.  It feeds off the strength of your brand, website, search marketing, and social media strategies.  Your success depends on the strength of your content team.  You need business-savvy writers and an editor to guide planning and production and keep the team on track.

“Producing great business content requires a unique blend of capabilities.  Your team (whether internal or outsourced) must be able to deliver content that is strategic, brand centric, buyer-persona focused, optimized for search engines, technically sound, creative, and results driven.”

-Paul Roetzer

The Marketing Agency Blueprint:  The Handbook for Building Hybrid PR, SEO, Content, Advertising, and Web Firms. 2012. Pg. 112.