Negotiating the TechComm Gap

Negotiating the TechComm Gap

Negotiating the TechComm Gap that Separates Technical from Non-technical Communicators

Eureka TechComm’s specialty is practicing and teaching methods to negotiate the TechComm Gap—the natural communication and cultural divide that separates technologists from the rest of us. Studies have shown that more effective collaboration between tech and less-tech—geeks and suits, technology and business functions—results in broad support for vital initiatives, funded projects, and sold products.

1 Technical Writing and Documentation Service

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Should Technical Writing Capture the Reader’s Interest?

Our Clients need their technical writing to explain to a specified audience how its complex products/services are used to deliver the proposed value. However, the sad truth is a great deal of the technical writing that is produced is never read. It is not read because it is boring and uninteresting; it is, well, technical! If it doesn’t get read it fails to achieve the Client’s need. As a result of this failure, the Client 1) has wasted its investment in technical writing; 2) must allocate additional resources to help desks, which is where the users’ questions will now be directed; and 3) most importantly, has wasted an opportunity to create a satisfied Customer whose experience with the product is that it performs as promised, as explained by a gifted technical writer.

2 Technical Marketing SEO Copywriting Service

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What is the Clear Focus of High-performance Tech Copywriting?

Our Clients need their copywriting to sell their product/service, or otherwise induce the prospect to respond to the call-to-action embedded in the copy. Knowing that the prospect is only interested in fulfilling its own business needs, the way to get the prospect to buy is to clearly focus on those prospect-needs and demonstrate how the brand offering is a solution to those needs. It would be shortsighted to focus on the technology or device, as many tech companies do. The prospect has only a secondary interest in the technology or device and will regard it only insofar as it is a solution to those all-important prospect-needs. This is exactly what Marketing Professor Theodore Levitt of the Harvard Business School meant when he famously said, “People don’t buy a quarter-inch drill bit because they want a quarter-inch drill bit, they buy a quarter-inch drill bit because they want a quarter-inch hole in the wall.”

3 Content Marketing Writing Service

Content Marketing's ROI

What Can Content Marketing Do For Your Business?

Everyone involved in marketing needs to revise their maps, the maps with which they found their way in the marketing world they came to know over the years. The world of interruption-based, outbound, pushed “tell and sell” messages is coming to an abrupt close. It is the old world. A new world, ushered in by Web 2.0 and the way customers now research and purchase, is in the early stages of powerfully emerging. This new world is characterized by a whole new marketing discipline—with all new rules— called Content Marketing, also variously called Inbound Marketing, Lead Generation Marketing, Search Marketing, Thought Leadership Marketing, and Social Media Marketing. We have staked out a position in this emerging world—we have explored it in detail and practiced in it. We would like to act as a guide, to help our Clients’ learn the rules of this new world to ensure their future competitiveness and prosperity.

4 SEO Website Content Writing Service


If Your Business Depends on Sales, Is Your Website Earning Its Keep?

Our Clients sell things—services, products, and, in some cases, ideas—and they need their websites to support their business activities; they need websites that sell. Many of them, however—when we first start working with them—don’t have websites that sell. Their websites are just like the vast majority of websites on the Internet today; they are of the so-called “brochure-style”. In the early days of the Internet there was an understandable rush for businesses to create a web presence; to get their websites up and running as quickly as possible. Because of time pressure and due to the remedial nature of the state-of-the-art of the time, these first-generation company websites were typically only online versions of the company’s printed glossy brochure. These brochure-based websites focused almost exclusively on the company, pushing out one-way messages: who we are, what we do, who we do it for, etc. Little or nothing was ever said about the Customer and, more importantly, what was important to the Customer. These are what we call old-era websites. They are not websites that sell; they are websites that tell.


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Needle-in-the-haystack Proposal Wins !

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Sited Directly Over the Vacated, Former Street

Public-Private Partnership Results in Win-Win for Both City and Landowner

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Precise Targeting Powers Effective Lead Generation Campaign

Filtering through Research-based Screens Produces "Only Good Names" Prospect List … [Read More...]


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The No. 1 Thing You Should Expect from Your Outsource Partner

Strict Confidentiality! Willam, the Principal Writer at Eureka TechComm, has worked in the capacity of an agent representing a principal for most of his career.  In that time he has developed a deep appreciation for the confidentiality and discretion businesses … [Read More...]

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Who May Need to Outsource Content Writing?

Eureka TechComm is a reliable Content Outsourcing Partner.  Our Clients value us for our dependability, quality, and flexibility. Who may need to outsource all or part of their content writing demand load? Businesses without qualified internal staff Businesses … [Read More...]

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Does Business-savvy Content Add Value?

Some writers who practice the craft of content creation come from a background in journalism.  Others create content part-time to earn the necessary resources to support their real passion which is writing their version of the great American novel.  In contrast, Willam … [Read More...]